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AmeriGlide Horizon Plus Stair Lift

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Installing a stair lift in your home does not have to mean putting up with a clunky piece of medical equipment. The sleek and stylish AmeriGlide Horizon Stair Lift is easy to install and can be quickly and easily folded up and out of the way when not in use, allowing plenty of room for anyone to climb your staircase. This model also features our ERGO seat that provides superior comfort and comes in several different colors so that you can choose the option that best compliments your home.

Best of all, the AmeriGlide Horizon Stair Lift comes standard with the most cutting edge features in stair lift technology. Just the armrests alone are equipped with a digital diagnostic display that will alert you of any operational problems and an ergonomic joystick control that can be manipulated even if you have limited mobility.

Additional safety features include a security key switch that will stop unauthorized users from operating your stair lift, a seat swivel lever that allows you to rotate the seat for safe dismounts, and a safety edge that can detect obstructions as you travel up and down your staircase.

Improve your mobility and regain your independence for a low, unbeatable price when you invest in the AmeriGlide Horizon Stair Lift.

* CT, MI and WA customers need to check their local building codes to ensure compliance.


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Nov 18, 2018